Wednesday, 20 May 2015

pound shop food test #2: TMNT

Sorry I haven't done a food test in ages, (check out #1 if you haven't seen it already) but to be honest I wasn't dying to eat processed food with a mild association with a cartoon, especially that the pound shop has been overtaken by frozen! they could call it the frozen shop, I mean don't get me wrong I liked the movie but not enough to get frozen toilet paper, shampoo, cakes, hair band, socks!!!

Anyway, that was until I saw the new TMNT pasta shapes by Heinz!!!!! Whoaa what a blast from the past!!! so exited!!!!

Here is the 1991 Chef Boyardee TMNT pasta shapes advert, and not being American I never got to eat those!

I love the packaging! so cool I wish I had a can o(╥﹏╥)o .

but as I opened the can I discovered that the actual pasta shapes look super cool!!! I can't believe it looks like what's on the tin (seriously!) Whoa this is the best pasta shapes I've ever seen, except from Kraang which looks like nothing, the Shellraiser where you kind of have to use a lot of imagination and the ninja star is a bit lazy! Also why is it only Raphael and Leonardo? I'm gonna start a petition on the behalf of Michelangelo an Donatello maybe they could start their own pasta shapes?

I upgraded my pasta bowl with parmesan cheese and black pepper and it tasted fine, obviously the pasta was still overcooked and the tomato sauce tasted generic and of the tin, but saying that I wolfed my bowl in a minute! the perfect snack!

What's you're fav pasta shape? do you have a recipe?

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