Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Sailor moon casual fashion 90's style

So just for you my dear friends I watched 100 episodes of the original Sailormoon anime series and took screenshots of the best outfits, but who I am kidding, I love watching sailor moon, especially if I have the excuse of writing about it on the blog!!!!!
So here is a sartorial compendium of the lovely outfits each sailor scout wears when not in uniform, notice how they all have their own distinct style?
Loads of pastels, sport wear, dungarees, mini skirts, plimsolls, bows and pure 90s fashion goodness.

Sorry this ended up being a long post! so many cute outfits!!!
And I got carried away and started to look at the golden era of J-pop and how what their fashion might have influenced sailor moon.

And then I got thinking of aomoji key and models like Ayumi seto and how this style is still influential today!

So loads of pictures for you!!!

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