Monday, 2 February 2015

DOS games

Do you ever get the urge to play a particular game from your childhood? well the other day I realy wanted to play DOS games, namely Caesar 2 and warcraft 2. I wasn't that good at it but I would spend days daydreaming during school, planning my city on corner of notebooks. This lead me to a long hunt on the internet to be able to play my old games, as I didn't keep the computer that it worked on! If only I had Mary Poppins' bag or a tardis to store all my stuff. If you don't have the games you can download abandonwares, it's basically a game which you can't play anymore and hasn't been re-released, it's an amazing archive of retro games with games I would never have dreamed of playing at the time or never even head of; not strictly legal as the copyright hasn't run out but I think that some of those games would have disappeared if it wasn't for the fans uploading them and making them available to all. if you don't want to download the games you can find them on ebay quite regularly but can be pricey. To play a DOS game you need the emulator DOSBOX It works really well, it's an amazing software, if you got a PC and you're old enough to remember MS DOS, I have a mac and I found a fantastic software called Boxer it makes DOSBOX super simple!

Started by playing Caesar II again, and it's so hypnotizing and addictive to watch your city grow and evolve, i still love this game!

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