Wednesday, 4 February 2015

mystery figure #2

Here is today's mystery figure, a 3" action figure articulated at the shoulders, neck and waist, quite detailed I found in a cool toy bundle.

I showed it to alex who knew straight away it was from C.O.W.BOYS of MOO MESA,  from 1991. this cartoon ticked all the boxes of kids entertainment of the time: mutants,  radiation back story, and the wild west! Made by TMNT's Ryan Brown. It looks like it got a big push at the time with loads of merch, funny that I don't remember it at all! 
There's even halloween costumes!
It's characters are bipedal anthropomorphic cows (they only have cow's head really) but the horses have stayed normal as well bad puns names like Mayor Oscar Bulloney!
This particular figure is Cowlamity Kate Cudster (get it?), not one of the main characters, and was released in 1999 as a kids meal promotion, so it's not from the original 1991 run of figures by Hasbro which if I'm not mistaken had no girl characters!
if you want to know more there a dedicated blog here:

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