Thursday, 5 March 2015


I haven't made a post in a while cos I was away for a couple of weeks in JAPAN and I bought back loads of things for the shop including some DIY candies, arggg they're so cute they're hard to acully eat, you just want to keep them!!!!! 
I will be making more posts on the other goodies I got in the next few weeks.

So we had a Takoyaki (a popular japanese snack made out of dough and octopus shaped like a ball) event at the shop so we decided to try out the takoyaki set! 

It wasn't complicated to follow the instructions although they're in japanese and it's overall fairly simple to make the takoyaki once we stopped stressing about getting it right!!!

the result????
well they didn't look as good as on the packaging but it was really fun to do, kind of cute science!!! and the taste you ask? well it tasted super artificial, just like candy!!! the 2 different textures between the ball and the octopus was interesting but not to everyone's taste!

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