Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Takayama Showa Kan Museum

First post in a long while! sorry I was a bit lazy!
So I wanted to do a post on an amazing Museum in Japan in the city of Takayama, if you get a chance to go there you cannot miss this place, it's amazing!!!!!
The museum is about the Showa period of Japanese history (1926–1989) and reconstructs a typical street of the time with shops brimming with original objects!
the museum started from a privet collection and has been added with donations ever since.
It's quiet magical as you walk through the reconstructed street and and look at the beautiful move posters and shop signs, you can go in the shops along the street, as well as restaurants and even a doctor's cabinet!
I got super exited in the toy shop obviously, so many cute objects!!!
There's also a cinema and upstairs a reconstructed class room and a traditional house!

We spent hours in there hanging out on the street bench, watching old film reels, and of course looking through every objects!!! I seriously recommend this place!!!

And over the road there's a barber who's famous for owning the biggest collection of life size cardboard cutout adverts!

6 Shimo Ichinomachi, Takayama 506-0843, Gifu Prefecture

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