Friday, 23 January 2015

random figure bundle #1

Here is a set of totally random action figures found together ranging from 1979 to 2004 how did they meet?

The beauty of those is that they may be in "played in condition" with a bit of paint peeling and missing accessories but i love it cos can't help imagining a story; what adventures are they having? I think they've been on a quest with the reluctant good guy, the character who provides comic relief, the intense hero, the traitor, and the random one that gets killed off. Who do you think plays who?

As a huge fan of Harry Potter I was really chuffed to find a figure in this lot, it's a rarer one as well, from 2007, the more collectable ones are the magical creatures rather than the more common characters, you can find plenty of harry's on ebay, still they're not as common as one would think as they're not that old.
This harry is from Harry Potter and the order of phoenix from POPCO in his school uniform. The quality is very good I have to say (i'm one of those people that always say that toys used to be better in the 80s), it's really detailed and actually looks like the character in the movie, the jacket is made of softer plastic so you can lift it up which is a really nice touch! For some reason harry potter's leg articulation make him look very awkward, i guess it captures an adolescent super well!

Batman DC comics, 1995

Loved the batman movies especially the Tim Burton ones, I remember going to see Batman returns at the cinema and it blowing my mind away! the fact that it wasn't for kids felt amazing, a super hero taken seriously!!! being a kid  myself I also loved the animated series, I think it was one of the best cartoon of the time, it was really stylized and kept the dark elements!!! I mostly watched Japanese anime at the time but I still made time for batman.

the figurine is in good condition and it brings me back to playing at one of my best friend's who had loads of batman toys, he only  had one girl, Cat Woman from the 1993 Mcdonalds happy meal so I always played with her, I would love to have her!!!!!! arggg mcdonalds toys used to be so good!!!!!

Adventure people, fisher price 1979

This guy looks so 70s, he's got the hair cut and even platform shoes!!! He looks really funny with his chunky feet!! I guess he's an alien since his head is blue and apparently he's also a pilot. the figurine is pretty detailed and you can move his head up and down and side to side which is neat. He's got a bit of wear but looks so cool with his helmet and blue head!

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