Wednesday, 7 January 2015

the hunt for a cheap working playstation

So it's been a bit of a mission but I finally got a working playstation! The first I got was a Ps2 given by a friend, it seemed promising, it switched on, but disaster it wouldn't read discs!!! Since it wasn't mine i didn't want to open it to look at it, so I put it away for a rainy day project and started hassling my little brother to bring his one to the shop, that took a while! Finally he brings it and it wont even switch on! after a bit of research on the web, I learn that it might be full of dust, so this one also goes to the repare pile… fast forward to this morning when I decided that the PS1 was much more sturdy (having a working one at home) and I stumble upon a 2 pounds specimen!!! It's really dirty so I don't hold much hope but since it's cheap I take a chance as I get to the shop and plug it in, It works!!!!! the eject button is a bit brocken but aside from that it's perfect!!!! not bad for 20 years old tech! To celebrate the shop is hosting a Tekken tournament on saturday: I let you know how it goes!

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