Thursday, 29 January 2015

Pound shop food test

This is where I test food so you don't have to!

I really can't resist buying the worst food stuff when it's endorsed by a character, what can I say? I haven't grown yet! So my cupboard is full of cool looking junk food that I can't eat cos they're out of date, but I'm gonna take this opportunity to eat the ones that are comestible and tell you how they taste and more importantly if they live up to their packaging!!!

Today's test is for people who want to transform a simple meal into a magical event… kind of…

So Tinker Bell got her spinoff movie and now, lucky her, she has become a pasta shape with her fairy friends! As with all pasta shapes you have to use a LOT of your imagination to recognize Tinker Bell but after a few minutes comparing the packaging photo and the pasta I spot her!!! Fairies are small and cute and now you can… eat them… not sure I would have liked that as a kid… I mean the pastas are actually fairy sized!
The taste: well this doesn't rock the boat, it's just really overcooked pasta with tinned tomato sauce, could do with cheese and seasoning, it tastes a bit of the tin but it's eatable if you're super hungry!

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