Friday, 23 January 2015

Top 3 VHS of my childhood

In 1995 I got a VHS player, which to me was amazing as the rest of my household didn't really watch tv, it was really special cos they were still quite expansive at the time, and I basically spent the next 2 years meticulously reading the tv guide and setting up the vhs to auto record, I remember it being super complicated ( I was only 11 years old). In tv magazines they gave the sleeve jackets which i loved so that it looked "real".
So here is my top go-to videos, when I was ill and had to stay home or after school, I literally watched those 100s of times!!! I didn't matter that the TV was tiny and the image full of noise, it was the source of wonder and escapism.

 1. Beverly Hills Cop 1, 2, and 3
To me it didn't matter that the film was 10 years old, I found it hilarious (did I even get the jokes?)!! I don't really know why now and I haven't watched any of them in years, I'm not sure it aged well… when I met new kids and they asked who my favorite actor; as you do? I alway answered Eddie Murphy long into my teenage life!?

2. Star Wars trilogy episode IV,V,VI 
This one needs no introduction and is still a favorite of mine, what could match the sense of wonder and pure amazement of watching this as a kid! I especially loved all the different aliens and of course Han Solo, total dream boat!!!

3.Indiana Jones and the temple of doom 
I remember the day I realized it was the same actor playing Han Solo and Indiana Jones (my cousin told me) my brain nearly exploded!!! 2 of my favorite characters the same????? How amazing! In my defense I was really small when I first saw those films and I didn't really get the concept of actors, I actually thought that Indiana jones was a really old movie not a period piece! The temple of doom is my definite favorite, probably cos it got a kid in it, i loved Short Round!!! and gruesome food which to this day I still references as a bench mark.

So that was my top 3 (i know I cheated a bit with trilogies but i always watched them in a row), what about you what was your favorite VHS?

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