Thursday, 8 January 2015

the mystery toy

over the christmas period I did some toy shopping and, as you do, I bought a bunch of random figurines mostly from fast food restaurants. They're not worth much but they always bring me back to that time, I mean how cool is the anthropomorphic chicken nugget? I would love to have been in the persons head when this idea came about! genius! Also Ronald Mcdonalds' friends, who have since then vanished, love them. They're not that easy to find anymore, so I bought them even if not in the best condition! Anyway, in the bunch there was this dog on a bike, which is cool cos I love old anthropomorphic figures, i vaguely remembered him from childhood but really couldn't remember who he was, did a bit of a search on the net to no avail… until Dora was like: "it' pico from chocapic!!!" how could I have forgotten!!! He was part of a collection of promotional figures to put on your pen and be the coolest kid in school called pico's adventures. this one came from a promotional comic book called Pico's adventure in America from 1995, i guess this id why he's on a bike. check out the whole collection here: ""
Pico became the mascot for nestles chocapic entering the long tradition of cereal animal anthropomorphic mascots (which between you and me i wasn't a fan of, much preferred chocopops) in the early 90s replacing a windmill, which was probably a good choice what a better way of selling stuff to kids than using man's best friend with the added bonus of having human features! Being a product of his time Pico wears jeans and trainers cos he's "cool" sort of i don't remember thinking i loved him back in the 90s but some must do cos he's still used to advertise the cereals. The figurine in itself is not bad quality for being a freebe although the whole thing is the same colour with roughly painted black wheels and yellow t-shirt. Are you a fan of Pico or do you much prefer Tony the Tiger?

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